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Until When ?

I hug my heart tight
To kill the sadness
In the communist prison
Where all my dreams are drowned
The day wears down my thoughts
Night splits up my reflections
Seven months of endless agony *
My soul has become a wild garden
Outside, the clouds cease to move
My life is buried in the dark cell
With not the slightest glimmer of star
All my hopes crumble into pieces
Morning and afternoon pass by, monotonous
Exhausted, I have neither breath nor strength left
Only rare entertainment, the parlour games
With other common law women prisoners
Oh my destiny of great misfortunes
What curses, what bad karma
How to escape from them
When will come my release
In order to find myself again?

Camp Hỏa Lò (The Burning Furnace) 28.04.10
Trần Khải Thanh Thủy

Honorary member of American, English and Swiss Italian and Reto-Romansh PEN Centres

* 6 months and 21 days from 08.10.09 to 29.04.10, before being deported to the forced labour camp nr 5 Yên Dinh Thanh Hoa, located close to Lao Viêt Nam border (where cyberdissident and human rights lawyer Lê Thi Công Nhân had been detained during 3 years).
Translated from Vietnamese by Nguyên Hoàng Bảo Việt (Vietnamese Writers in Exile Centre and Suisse Romand PEN Centre)
















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