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Vietnam: examples of successful projects and the importance of world citizenship

Conference: February 18-20,  2010

Main programme: Saturday, February 19; 14.00 – 19.00

Sandton Hotel Toor, Stationsplein 2, 2405 BK Alphen a/d Rijn

Press Release

Alphen a/d Rijn, January, 2011

During the weekend February 18-20, 2011, the International Organization for the Development of Vietnam will hold a conference with the theme “ Vietnam: examples of successful projects and the importance of world citizenship.” We hope you can participate in this conference, especially in the programme on Saturday, February 19.

Important questions that will be addressed at the conference include: Which factors, external and internal, in Vietnam are important for projects to become successful? External factors are: environment, climate, infrastructure, level of education, government policies, etc. Internal factors are: mentality and motivation of those involved, morality and value system of the local people, desire to develop, etc. What was the role of foreign aid or co-operation? How did the local people, the government and the development aid workers interact with each other? How aid has been given and in what way individuals and private organizations were involved? How does the development of Vietnam relate to the development of her neighbour countries? How might economic and political development interact: what consequences will allow a degree of private enterprise, governed by a market economy, have for the political system? What are the current prospects for improving human rights in Vietnam? What is the role of  the concept of world citizenship?

The purpose of the conference is not only to gain more insight into how Vietnam is developing and the role that can be played by development aid and cooperation. The intention is to also share this insight with people in the locality of Alphen, even further – throughout The Netherlands, Europe, and beyond, with the hope and intention that people become more conscious of the importance of development co-operation and how it contributes to a feeling of “world citizenship” among the inhabitants of countries that work together: more and more it becomes clear how the present world becomes a whole where all kinds of issues are interdependent. In order to reach peace and stability in the world, it is very important that people in all parts of the world get a perspective on the realization of an existence fit for a human being.

The conference also intends to encourage and develop a closer relationship between the Vietnamese in Vietnam and those abroad. Together with citizens in The Netherlands, Europe and other parts in the world, they can work together to improve, education, health care, the status of women, the fight against poverty and corruption, environmental management, the building of the welfare state and so on in Vietnam.

The weekend event will include receiving guests from abroad on Friday, the main conference on Saturday afternoon, finishing with a cultural program, and a meeting of the Vietnamese participants on Sunday morning. The questions mentioned above will mostly be dealt with at the conference on Saturday afternoon.

We again extend our invitation, in particular for the programme on Saturday February 19. This starts at 14.00 in Hotel Toor, Stationsplein 2 in Alphen a/d Rijn. The hotel is situated next to the train station and has its own parking place.  

The conference can be held thanks to the support of the National Commission for International Co-operation and Sustainable Development. Your participation is highly appreciated. Please use the enclosed form to register for the conference. 

Sincerely yours,                                                

Drs. Ngo Van Tuan,                                                                          


Stichting voor Ontwikkeling van Vietnam
Tổ Chức Quốc Tế Phát Triển Việt Nam 
International Organization for the Development of Vietnam     

P.O. Box 332 
2400 AH Alphen a/d Rijn The Netherlands
Tel. (31) (0) 172 414254



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