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The Vietnamese Community at Northern California
P.O. Box: 3143, San Jose, CA95156-3143
Email: norcalvacom@yahoo.com

Dear Elders, Associations, Unions, Brothers and Sisters.

In the storm of Freedom and Democracy, within two months the people of Tunisia and Egypt were removed from the dictatorship. Libya is also winning in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

The time to overthrow of the brutal communist regime in our beloved Vietnam homeland is very close.

The mass media departments of the Vietnamese community in the United States, in Europe, Australia, and Canada are in effort to send the good news from North Africa to millions of email addresses Vietnam. In the spirit of supporting our beloved domestic fellows in uprising to overthrow the communist regime, the NORCALVAC decided working with other neighboring Vietnam Communities organizing daily protests in front of the VC house at 1700 California Street, San Francisco. Every day we need a small groups from 2 to 10 people take turns displaying criminal images of the Vietnamese communists and banners demanding the dissolution of the corrupted communist regime.

Mr. Nguyen Phu, the Chairman of HO S.F. will provide a place to kept the flags and the media demonstrations. Every day we need to put them into the place where the protesters standing. Mr. Phu phone number: 415-823-4559.

We need the cooperation from all of you. Please register with us and let us know the details:

- The name and associations
- The contact phone number
- The convenience day of the week you may come to protest in San Francisco
- Do you need help in transportation ?
- Can you help in transporting others from San Jose to San Francisco ?

Please contact us at phone number: 408-242-4056 or email: nguyenngoctien_6@yahoo.com

Thank you.

On behalf of the The Vietnamese Community at Northern California

Nguyen Ngoc Tien.


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